a boy, a blog, a big deal
and so it begins.

this is my blog. there are many like it, but this one is mine.

ah, pop culture references, if i could speak entirely in them i would. i don’t, because that would be really hard, and if i’m anything it’s lazy.

how lazy you ask? well, i’ve had the resources and know-how to start this whole blogging thing ages ago. i could use the hosting i purchased, install wordpress or something, design a template, and all that.

so what held me back? content. what would i post? sure, i have the usual makings of blog content: a job, friends, opinions on everything from philosophy to technology to current events.

but who am i to feel that my experience is so unique, important, or interesting that it’s worthy of documenting for the world to see if they choose to? would i choose to post my inner most thoughts and feelings on a lamp post each evening on the way home from work?

of course not, that would be crazy. but do it on the internet and it’s normal. we live in the age of the network, and i’ve been involved in creating, maintaining, and using parts of that network most of my life. but before this, i really haven’t contributed much to that network. so why now?

the same reason i do most things. the same reason i do anything, a girl i know suggested it.

if i keep this blogging thing up, you will quickly catch on to this pattern of behavior. i’m nothing if not a creature of habit.